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ONdrugDelivery Magazine is pleased to be associated as a Media Partner with a number of leading drug delivery events, including the following. Meet us and pick up a free printed copy of ONdrugDelivery at:

7th Drug Formulation, Solubility & Bioavailability Summit
March 26-28
Revere Hotel Boston Common, Boston, MA, US

ExL Bioavailability 2018

Now in its seventh year, the Drug Formulation, Solubility and Bioavailability conference is geared toward improving drug performance and therapeutic impact through enabled formulations and more effective delivery methods. By popular demand, this year's event will feature a full-day seminar about improving the performance and modeling of amorphous solid dispersions.

Top Five Reasons to Attend:

  • Optimal techniques to increase dose loading in early stages when little drug material is available
  • Special emphasis on how to select the ideal excipients for both small molecules and biologics
  • A roadmap for improving drug characterization techniques without getting swamped in an overabundance of data
  • In-depth insights on the latest techniques in subcutaneous, inhalation, oral and ocular drug delivery techniques
  • An unprecedented focus on the development and solubility improvement of amorphous solid dispersions

For further information about attending or exhibiting, visit the event web page:


14th Annual Asthma & COPD Conference
April 11-12
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

SMi Asthma COPD

SMi is pleased to present the return of the 14th annual Asthma & COPD Conference taking place on April 11-12th, 2018, London, UK.

Recent advances in injectable biologics and smart medical devices as led to an increase in novel approaches to treating severe asthma and COPD as well as the regulations to take into consideration. As technology soars, the need for guideline updates from regulators has increased and continues to be modified. With asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) affecting about 500 million people worldwide, opportunities in drug development are vast and reducing serious attacks by improving adherence could save $19 billion a year in US healthcare costs.

Join us as we discuss current clinical trials and the innovative digital technology being used to improve clinical adherence. Leading industry experts will be looking at the use of real world data human factors in the design of medical devices and triple combination treatments on the market. We will also be looking at asthma and COPD phenotyping and biomarker application and differences between in the EU and US for the approval of biologics. We will be exploring the complexities of dry powder formulation and helping you determine clinical efficacy and endpoints.

Topics of Discussion for 2018:

  • Early detection and prevention of COPD and Asthma
  • The use of triple combination therapies
  • Health economics and market access for innovative treatments
  • Regulatory updates in bioequivalence and drug-device combinations
  • Enhancing dry powder formulation
  • Asthma and COPD Phenotyping and biomarker application for personalised medicines


  • Wisia Wedzicha, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Head of Respiratory Clinical Science, Imperial College London


  • Quan Yang, Senior Pharmaceutical Assessor, MHRA
  • Maria Gerhardsson de Verdier, Director of Epidemiology, AstraZeneca
  • René van der Merwe, Senior Director Respiratory & Inflammation, MedImmune
  • Alison Moore, Clinical Development Director, GSK
  • Peter Barnes, Head of Respiratory Medicine, Imperial College London
  • Jonathan Phillips, Principal Scientist, Inflammation, Amgen
  • Christopher Stevenson, Venture Leader - COPD, Disease Interception Accelerator, Janssen
  • Georg Brauers, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Boehringer Ingelheim

For further information about attending or exhibiting, contact Kyra Williams. T: +44 207 827 6012. kwilliams@smi-online.co.uk. Or visit the event web page:


5th Annual Conference and Exhibition, Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast
April 11-12
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA, US

SMi PFS East Coast

Building on the success of previous sell-out shows, SMi Group is delighted to announce the return of the Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast, Annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place on April 11-12th, 2018 in Boston.

A rise in chronic diseases, improvements in technology and a growing demand for easy to use drug administration products has in recent years, created a booming Pre-Filled Syringes industry.

Some notable areas of increased attention have been the broader trends for combination products and biologics, as well as the move towards digital health and improving patient adherence due to increased self-administration figures. As well as these areas of lucrative opportunity, there are still several ongoing challenges that the key-thought leaders are battling to overcome such as chemical compatibility, user safety, high-volume and highly viscous formulation, and non-compliance.

Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast will once again play host to an international audience of drug delivery, medical device and PFS experts to discuss emerging trends and offer innovative solutions to the challenges facing the prefilled industry, helping attendees to secure global success for their PFS device.

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Dhairya mehta, Associate Director of Device and Combination Products, Shire
  • Stephen Barat, Head of Pre-Clinical and Early Clinical Development, Scynexis
  • Susan Neadle, Head, Combination Products Center of Excellence, Sr. Director, Quality Engineering & Design-to-Value, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Justin Wright, Vice-President, Drug Delivery Innovation, DDR&D Technology, Eli Lillyv
  • Tieming Ruan, Associate Director of Device Development, Takeda
  • Molly Story, Head, Global Usability Engineering and Risk Management, Sanofi
  • Gary Henniger, R&D Director, Discovery and Product Development R&D, Teva
  • Michael Song, Pharmaceutical Device and Digital Health, Medimmune
  • Steve Bowman, Device Program Lead, Shire
  • Gary Mills, Associate Director, Drug Product Development
  • Kashappa Goud Desai, Investigator, Biopharmaceutical Product Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Maria Linzmayer, Associate Director, Drug Delivery Devices, Merck

Reasons to Attend:

  • Navigate through the regulatory landscape through guidance on compliance
  • Understand end-use interaction with delivery systems and Human Factor engineering
  • Receive insight on delivering high concentration formulations
  • Integrate Quality-by-Design (QbD) principles for best practice solutions in developing your combination products
  • Updates on new technologies, including digital monitoring biomarkers from Eli Lilly; electronic enabled drug delivery devices from MedImmune; and PFS tech transfer of in-line products from Merck
  • Hear the latest results from recent studies in chemical compatibility; comparison of COP vs glass; and container integrity
  • Participate in our two interactive panel discussions and gain from more than five hours of dedicated networking time

A snapshot of confirmed sponsors includes: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Nemera, NN Inc Precision Engineered Products, SCHOTT, Schreiner MediPharm, Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions, Zeon

For further information about attending or exhibiting, contact Fateja Begum. T: +44 020 7827 6184. fbegum@smi-online.co.uk. Or visit the event web page:


5th Annual Peptides Congress
April 16-17, 2018
Novotel London West Hotel, London, UK

Peptides Congress

Oxford Global is proud to present its 5th Annual Peptides Congress, taking place on April 16-17, 2018, in London.

Over 450 peptides, proteins and antibodies attendees representing global pharmaceutical organizations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions will have the opportunity to discuss over 25 presentations and case studies focused on the key advancements in peptides technologies, peptide therapeutics as well as chemistry and delivery.

View the Agenda here.

Three interactive streams:

  • Peptide Research, Chemistry and Analytical Technologies
  • Peptide Therapeutics
  • Peptide Discovery, Manufacturing and Delivery

For further information about attending (for potential single and group discounts) or exhibiting, contact Guillaume Alonso.
E: g.alonso@oxfordglobal.co.uk. T: +44 1865 248 455. Or visit the event web page:


Combination Products Lifecycle Management Summit
June 19-21
Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston, MA, US

Combination Products Lifecycle Management

Over the last two years, more emphasis has been placed on understanding market trends and establishing a robust framework of lifecycle management for combination products.

The Combination Products Lifecycle Management Summit will bring the community together in Boston, sharing practical case studies and lessons learned to enhance commercial effectiveness, risk mitigation strategy, and improve quality and regulatory compliance of your drug-device products.

Over the three-day event, you will hear from 17+ industry pioneers with three dedicated, hands-on workshops giving you a step-by-step guide to optimise development timeline, manage product innovation and evaluate digital technology options.

For further information about attending or exhibiting, visit the event web page:



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