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Comments from our Clients & Readers

“Congrats on reaching the 50th issue Guy! Great cover this time. Read through the first article so far, very informative...”
Dr Marc Horner, Technical Lead, Healthcare, ANSYS, Inc


“ONdrugDelivery is an extremely influential, widely read trade media outlet.”
David Gilligan, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist Battelle, Health & Life Sciences


“The magazine is put together extremely well. We shall be looking at future opportunities in due course.”
Dr Faz Chowdhury, CEO & Founder, Nemaura Pharma


“I‘m working on the development of microparticles for the release of veterinary antibiotics, and polymeric nanoparticles for siRNA and chemotherapeutic delivery. ONdrugDelivery has been a very usefull platform to connect the scientific research, and marketed drug development.”
Dr Cristian Vilos, Center for Integrative Medicine and Innovative Science (CIMIS), Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile


“Your website and publication is a great asset for me. I’d recommend your publication to my colleagues. I am sure that we will gain knowledge and update information through your timely report. Thanks for making it available.”
Li-Chun Tsou, Ph.D., MBA, Principal Development Engineer Global Pharmaceutical Commercialisation, Merck & Co, Inc


"I am an R&D manager at Hospira and I came across your publication while searching for information on stiction in syringes. I was impressed with the content.”
Ben Rush, Manager, Consumables R&D, Hospira (USA)


“My colleague attended RDD a few weeks ago and was quite pleased to see ONdrugDelivery Magazines everywhere - we felt it was great exposure for us.”
Ms Caitlin Baumann, NDS Division, SNBL Ltd


"I´m a fan of your publication and like the format/approach.“
Peter Villax, Vice-President Pharma, Hovione


“I have reviewed your magazine ONdrugDelivery for articles on drug delivery trends and find the paper a valuable source for input.”
Samuel Tegern, Business Analyst, Accenture Management Consulting (Sweden)


“Your website and publication is a great asset for me. I would recommend your publication to my colleagues. I am sure that we will gain knowledge and update information through your timely report. Thanks for making it available.”
Li-Chun Tsou, Ph.D., MBA, Principal Development Engineer, Global Pharmaceutical Commercialisation, Merck & Co, Inc.


“I would like to congratulate you on the new issue of Prefilled Syringes - very informative and interesting, as always.”
Gerald Hofer, Director, Contract Manufacturing, Fresenius Kabi Product Partnering


“ONdrugDelivery presents first class material, so I do not want to miss an issue. I actually circulate these reports to colleagues in the industry.”
Bill Cairns, Managing Director, BCM Group, LLC


“I appreciate very much your very qualified and comprehensive publication ONdrugDelivery”
Dr. Roland Gorges, Process Development and New Projects, Fresenius Kabi Austria GmbH


“I think your publication is excellent and have shared it with a number of colleagues in our international organization ... I find that my colleagues are as delighted as I was when I discovered this publication!”
Dr Yvonne McHugh, Novartis Vaccines


“I hope we get a chance to work together some time in the not too distant future. I certainly appreciated our professional interactions and the quality of services you provided through your company.”
Matthias Pohl, PhD/MBA, Altea Therapeutics


“ONdrugDelivery has provided us with effective and valuable communication of our offerings in high-quality, targeted publications. We appreciate the professional and flexible support received, also on concise text writing and editing.”
Dr Troels Keldmann, Managing Director, Direct-Haler A/S.


“I'd like to congratulate you - ONdrugDelivery gives me a lot of interesting information regarding pharma systems and issues from drug delivery business”
Dr Marek Miszczak, Polfa Boleslawiec S.A. (Gerresheimer PharmaSystems)


“ONdrugDelivery fills an important gap in the market at the moment.  I think the concept of covering one topic in an issue works really well.”
Martin Oliver, Head of New Technology Development, IVAX


“We were impressed with both the quality and content of the nasal delivery issue of ONdrugDelivery in which we participated. It's difficult to find publications that target niche industries so effectively. ONdrugDelivery is a valuable marketing asset for drug delivery firms.”
Marc Giroux, CEO of Kurve Technology.         


“ONdrugDelivery is one of a select group of publications whose themes center around our core business (prefilled glass syringes), and target drug delivery, safety devices/technologies as their focus.”
Mark A Hassett, VP/ Marketing and Business Development, SafetySyringes Inc.


“We have copies of your publications Delivering Injectables Nasal Drug Delivery, which we found very well produced and useful”
Dr Hans Lindner, Schwarz Biosciences GmbH


“We have been receiving the ONdrugDelivery’s sponsored publications, and I am impressed with its up-to-date and very informative articles”
Patrick Chng, Ritract Ltd


“I have been reading your publication for some time. You have an interesting perspective on the drug delivery devices we are working with”
Dr Izzy Tsals, SID Technologies


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