Equashield® Pro from Equashield

Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) provider Equashield introduces Equashield® Pro, the first CSTD-enabled automated drug compounding robot.

Equashield Pro is an automated compounding system specifically designed to address the unique challenges in pharmacy compounding. Eight synchronised workstations enable it to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, for both high throughput patient-specific dose preparation and batch compounding. With the capacity to store more than 50 syringes and 70 drug vials, it can produce over 60 doses per hour.

It is the only compounding robot to operate with the Equashield CSTD, providing a vital third layer of protection from hazardous drug exposure. Advanced proprietary image processing algorithms monitor and control all stages of the process, including vial label identification, dosage verification, bubble detection and removal, prescription sticker recognition, and a complete image and data archiving of the process.

Highly versatile and user friendly, Equashield Pro provides the most comprehensive solution for safe chemotherapy medication compounding.

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