2023 June Inhalation HW Boston


Dr Nicolas Eon is Senior Technology Development Manager at Terumo. He graduated from the University of Nancy and Nantes (France) and holds a Fluid Mechanics & Energy Science Engineering degree, a master’s degree in Energetics and Heat Transfer and a PhD in Biomechanics. Dr Eon worked for 10 years in the automotive safety industry where he led the system engineering department of a leading global company. Dr Eon started to build his expertise in the field of pharmaceutical primary containers 15 years ago. He held several managing positions, from product development to strategic marketing, in leading global companies that covered the full range of primary packaging, where he launched successful products on the market and built sustainable long-term strategies. Dr Eon joined Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions in 2020. Since 2010, he has been an active expert on ISO technical committees as part of the French and Swiss delegation.

Previously Nicolas Eon was Global Product Manager at Schott AG.

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