Issue No #28  October 1st, 2011

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Safety-Engineered Needle Technologies from tip-top Gaining Recognition Amongst Syringe Manufacturers
Barry Liversidge, Managing Director Limited
Transforming a Clinical Safety Device into a Viable Self-Injection Option
Alexander Jaksch, Vice-President, Business Development & Marketing
Safety Syringes, Inc
Differentiation Without Disruption
Alan Shortall, Chief Executive Officer
Unilife Corporation
Company Profile
Developing Containers and Devices to Meet Emerging and Evolving Parenteral Needs
Dr Justin M Wright, Director, Pharmaceutical Development
BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems
Integrated Drug Containment and Delivery Solutions to Meet Evolving Patient and Market Needs
Graham Reynolds, Vice-President, Marketing & Innovation, Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc
Company Profile
Bespak Injectables
Coated Plungers: Peace of Mind
Patrick Grueninger, Global Marketing & Business Development Manager
Improving Particulate & Microbial Cleanliness of Elastomeric Closures
Advanced Technology for a New Generation of Sterile Needle-Free Plastic Prefilled Syringes
Danielle Labreche, Director, Business Development & Innovation
Laboratoire Aguettant
Matching a Range of Injectors with both Patients’ and Pharma Partners’ Needs
Ian Thompson, Vice-President Business Development, Delivery Systems
Ypsomed Delivery Systems