Issue No #26  June 1st, 2011

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Usability in Injectable Drug Delivery
Dr Iain Simpson, Principal Consultant in Drug Delivery
Ms Kay Sinclair, Managing Consultant
Sagentia Ltd
A Rigid Needle Shield for Auto-Injectors
Stelmi SA
The Requirements of an Injection Device: a Clinical Perspective
Mr Bob Sharp, Medical Director
Dr Paul Whyte, Chief Executive Officer
Future Injection Technologies Ltd
Company Profile
Bespak Injectables
Patient Compliance Shaping the Future of Drug Delivery
Fran L. DeGrazio, Vice-President, Marketing & Strategic Business Development
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc
Impact of Passive Safety Devices on Prefilled Syringes Dose Delivery
Pascal Dugand, Product Development Leader
Christelle Robelin, Category Manager
Sandrine Mayer, Category Manager
Rexam Healthcare
Does the Use of Infusion Bags Play a Role in Compliance and Overall Safety?
Danielle Labreche, Director, Business Development & Innovation
Laboratoire Aguettant
Advanced Injection Devices: Developments, Drivers and Directions for the Future
Andy Fry, Director
Team Consulting Ltd
Dedicated to Meeting the Self-Injection Needs of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Patients
Volker Wirth & Robert J Kilgore
Haselmeier GmbH
Drug Patch Pump or Classical Drug Infusion Pump: What is the Right Device for your Application?
Marika Buratti, Junior Product Manager
Derek Brandt, Chief Executive Officer
Sensile Medical AG
Improving Process Quality of Pharmaceutical Liquids: Aseptic Blow/Fill/Seal Technology versus Traditional Aseptic Processing
Chuck Reed, Director of Sales & Marketing
Weiler Engineering