Issue No #25  May 1st, 2011

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No Longer a Hit-or-Miss Proposition: Once-Daily Formulation for Drugs with pH-Dependent Solubility
Gopi Venkatesh, Director of R&D
Anthony Recupero, Senior Director, Business Development
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
A possible approach for the desire to innovate
Brian Wang, CEO & Dr Junsang Park, CSO
GL PharmTech
Company Profile
Mayne Pharma International
From Powder to Pill: A Rational Approach to Formulating for First-into-Man Studies
Dr Robert Harris, Director, Early Development
Molecular Profiles Ltd
LiquiTime Oral Liquid Controlled Release Drug Delivery Platform
Camille Rivail, Business Development Analyst
Dr Jean Chatellier, Vice-President, Alliance Management
Flamel Technologies SA
Formulation Flexibility Broadens the Scope for Oral Thin Film Technology
Martha Sloboda, Business Manager
Dr Scott Barnhart, Technical Director
Solumerâ„¢ Technology: a Viable Oral Dosage Form Option for BCS Class II Molecules
Dr Robert Lee, VP, Pharmaceutical Development, Particle Sciences Inc & Dr Amir Zalcenstein, CEO, Solubest Ltd
Particle Sciences Inc & Solubest Ltd
Controlled Drug Release: Novel Time-Delayed Formulations and their Clinical Evaluation
Dr Carol Thomson, COO
Drug Delivery International Ltd
Liquid-Fill Hard Two-Piece Capsules: The Answer to Many Product Development Issues
Mr Gary Norman, Product Development Manager
Encap Drug Delivery
Multi-Tip Tooling: A Guide
Dale Natoli, Vice-President
Natoli Engineering Company, Inc