Citation: Rigby M, “Company Profile: SteadyMed Therapeutics”. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 60 (Sep 2015), p 34.

SteadyMed Therapeutics, Inc, is a speciality pharmaceutical company. SteadyMed leverages its PatchPump® platform to develop its own therapeutic portfolio and partners to optimise the delivery of high volume (greater than 2 mL), high-value, small-molecule or biologic drugs.

Our family of PatchPumps can be customised to deliver liquid drugs, including biologics, with a wide range of volumes and viscosities, in a consistent and controllable manner.


SteadyMed aspires to redefine the parenteral therapeutics experience for patients dependent upon large doses of intravenous and subcutaneous medications: extending the limits of parenteral therapeutics to restore freedom, joy and dignity to patients’ lives.

Figure 1: PatchPumps in (left) external cannula and (right) integrated cannula formats.


Through its proprietary ECell technology and primary container, the PatchPump® is the only customisable, prefilled, and preprogrammed disposable parenteral delivery platform for large volume and viscous formulations. PatchPump® is the most size-efficient and scalable delivery product for injectable drugs because: one single ECell design acts as both the power source and the driving mechanism for the whole range of drug volumes and viscosities; the volume of the drug container is easily changed without fundamental changes to the technology.


The ECell® is the compact and self-powered driving mechanism that is used to activate and operate the PatchPump® while maintaining size efficiency, and patient comfort.

The ECell:

  • is a unique, small, self-powered expanding battery
  • irreversibly expands upon discharge
  • is fully disposable
  • is electronically controlled enabling accurate and specific drug dosing
  • expands under high pressures enabling delivery of viscous drugs
  • is IP protected and fully owned by SteadyMed Therapeutics.

Figure 2: The ECell proprietary expanding battery is at the heart of the PatchPump®.


A Few Ways PatchPump® Works for You

Our PatchPumps are being developed to deliver liquid drugs, including biologics, in a controlled manner via a compact and simple to use design.

SIMPLE – Prefilled with drug, no complex mechanics and easy to manufacture. Just apply to the body and go!

SMART – Precise electronic control allows accurate delivery of pre-programmed dose, while providing feedback to patient.

SMALL – Slim profile design, comfortable and discreet.

PRECISE – Sensor based control for accurate basal or bolus delivery of drug.

SCALABLE – The PatchPump® platform can accurately deliver a range of drug dose volumes from 1 mL to volumes over 2 mL, independent of viscosity.

SELF MONITORING – Internal sensors provide patient with dosing feedback.