EUROFINS CDMO Launches “Direct To Patient” Service for Continuity of Treatment for Customers’ Clinical Trial Patients

Eurofins CDMO has launched a Direct to Patient service to assure the continued supply of treatments to its customers’ clinical trial patients. The full Letter to Customers follows:


Dear Customers,

In the current pandemic context, we share with you our latest information regarding the ongoing measures implemented within Eurofins CDMO companies.

All of our Clinical Trial Supply services are operational thanks to these actions and the strong implication of all our team members. We are currently producing and delivering all treatments with the same high level of quality. Our teams are working closely with our specialised logistics suppliers to guarantee clinical sites delivery. At this time all of our shipments are performed and we find solutions case by case.

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have recognised the challenges patients will face when coming to investigator sites. Therefore in this particular context, administrative procedures have been extremely simplified to implement a Direct To Patient protocol.

Eurofins CDMO can support you through this crisis by helping patients in your trials and ensuring the continuity of their treatments:

We are now launching our new Direct To Patient service and have set up a rapid response for you.

Our project manager team is ready to deploy this service throughout Europe and US!

We have already started to switch ongoing projects to DTP.

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