MedPharm Develops Model to Support Coronavirus Pharmaceutical Development

MedPharm is offering a new candidate compound testing model to support pharmaceutical development programmes targeting coronavirus treatments, meaning companies can assess the therapeutic effectiveness of their anti-COVID-19 candidates in nasal, airway (bronchial), and deep lung (alveolar) epithelia against members of the Coronaviridae family.

“This new model allows companies to screen compounds and formulations to answer critical questions about effectiveness against viral infections in the Coronaviridae family prior to the clinic”, commented Dr Jon Lenn, MedPharm’s Chief Technology Officer.

The company’s facility in North Carolina, US, has a dedicated innovation laboratory, able to support the development of new types of in vitro pharmacodynamic/infection models. The dedicated microbiology lab has been specifically designed with negative internal pressure and biological safety cabinets suitable for BSL2 work. These models are based on air liquid interface tissue culture of primary human cells from different regions of the respiratory system which are then infected with relevant corona viral strains.

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