Bernard Vrijens, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Lead, AARDEX Group and Invited Professor of Biostatistics, Liège University, Belgium, holds a PhD from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics at Ghent University, Belgium.

Dr Vrijens currently leads a research programme investigating (a) the most common errors in dosing using a simple but robust taxonomy, (b) particular dosing errors that can jeopardise the efficacy of a drug and (c) the optimal measurement-guided medication management programme that can enhance adherence to medications and maintain long-term persistence.

Dr Vrijens is also the co-author of seven book chapters, over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and named as inventor on six patents. He is a founding member of the International Society for Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP), and an active member of several EU- and US-funded collaborative projects around the theme of adherence to medications.

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