Don Barbieri was with SPI Pharma until September 2019.  He was responsible for managing SPI Pharma’s excipient line and drug delivery platforms which include Mannogem® (mannitol), Actimask® (taste-masked APIs), Pharmaburst® 500, Advantol® 300 and the Pharmasperse® 416 product lines.

Mr Barbieri worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years with responsibilities in a number of different areas including manufacturing, technical services, and process and formulation development. Prior to joining SPI Pharma in 2015, he was with Patheon in Cincinnati, OH, US, as the Associate Director of Formulation and Process Development.

Barbieri is a graduate of the Rutgers College of Pharmacy in (NJ, US) and is currently a registered pharmacist in New Jersey, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.