E3D – Elcam Drug Delivery Devices

E3D’s autoinjectors and patch pumps are for conventional drugs, biologics and biosimilars. It offers autoinjectors that are compatible with drugs in vials, prefilled syringes and cartridges, and also disposable and reusable autoinjectors. E3D emphasises customisability and flexibility.

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E3D – Elcam Drug Delivery Devices
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Elcam Drug Delivery Devices (E3D) portfolio encompasses a wide range of injectables produced in the company’s manufacturing facilities in Europe, the US and Israel. These devices include single-use and multiuse, spring-powered autoinjectors designed for 1 mL and 2.25 mL prefilled syringes; wearable injectors for bolus, high-volume and viscous drug delivery; electromechanical and mechanical “smart” injectors with wireless connectivity; autoinjectors for viscous formulations; emergency-use injector devices; and injectors with both automated and manual reconstitution for lyophilised products.

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