Oval Medical Technologies

Oval Medical Technologies is a drug delivery device design and development company, specialising in patient-centric autoinjectors. The company develops devices to handle a wide range of formulation requirements, with designs that include proprietary custom primary containers.

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Oval Medical Technologies Ltd
Unit 3, Enterprise 3930
Cambridge Research Park
Beach Drive
CB25 9PE

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T: +44 1223 736 220
E: [email protected]


Oval Medical Technologies focuses on the design of novel autoinjector systems for parenteral drug delivery. Oval employs a patient-centric approach in its design work, tailoring development to the specific needs of the target patient population, as well as the requirements of the drug formulation itself. Oval designs its devices around novel cyclo-olefin polymer primary drug containers, which it uses to handle formulation requirements, such as high-viscosity, high-volume and fragile molecules.

Oval produces the ArQ range of autoinjector platforms, which includes:

  • ArQ – subcutaneous delivery <100 cP
  • ArQ-Bios – subcutaneous delivery >100 cP
  • ArQ-Tempo – intramuscular small volume
  • ArQ-Vita – intramuscular large volume.

Oval also offers drug-device combination products, including Sumalen Ovali (sumatripan succinate) and EPIQ (epinephrine).

Oval is based in Cambridge, UK, was founded in 2009 by Matthew Young and was acquired by SMC Ltd in 2016. Oval has a quality system compliant with BS EN 13485:2016, FDA 21 CFR Pt 820, Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and ANSI/AAMI HE75.

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