Sensile Medical

Sensile Medical is a drug delivery technology company developing a wearable injector using its proprietary micro pump. Sensile’s technology allows for programmable micro volumetric delivery of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products, commercialised as a device platform.

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Global Headquarters
Gerresheimer Olten
(Sensile Medical AG)
Solothurnerstrasse 235
CH-4600 Olten

Phone / Contact

T: + 41 62 209 71 00
F: + 41 62 209 71 01
E: [email protected]


Sensile Medical develops a wearable drug delivery device platform technology. Sensile’s technology includes a micro volumetric rotary piston pump, SenseCore, which can precisely dose drug, consists of only two plastic parts and enables programmable delivery profiles.

The company’s patch pump features:

  • Inherent accuracy
  • Cost efficient design
  • Standard vials as primary packaging
  • Inherent free-flow protection
  • Small (3 mL) and large (20 mL) versions
  • Scalability
  • Needle auto-inserter
  • Two part device with disposable drug container and reusable electronics.

Sensile Medical was founded in 2004 with the idea of the SenseCore technology and began as a small group of engineers. The company moved from Hägendorf (Switerland) to Olten (Switzerland)  in 2017. The company was acquired by Gerresheimer in 2018.

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