Citation: Muller T, “Technology Profile: ZENEO®“. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 49 (May 2014), p 21.


ZENEO® is a unique, automatic needle-free jet injector for SC, IM and ID routes, developed by Crossject. With ZENEO®, injection is fast, easy and secured:

  • 10% of the population has a needle phobia
  • The prefilled system ensures the accuracy of administration, even in emergency situations
  • The injection can neither fail, nor harm, the patient : improved comfort, autonomy and compliance in treatments for a better healthcare outcome
  • Ergonomic, automatic and very simple to use, ZENEO® is perfectly designed for self-injection (Figure 1).
  • ZENEO® reduces hospital admissions & spending on healthcare due to a self & secured automatic injection.


The ZENEO® prefilled, automatic, disposable, needle-free jet injector (left) and a cut-away image with the outer case removed, showing the device’s internal mechanism (right).

“With ZENEO®, our ambition is to revolutionise treatments requiring injections in emergency situations, such as with chronic conditions. Thanks to its flexibility, our ZENEO® device can address more than 200 injectable drugs currently on the market. ZENEO® will allow patients to take their treatments more easily and health care organisations to reduce their costs. Last but not least, pharma companies will maximise the lifecycle of their products thanks to a quick route to commercialisation: two to three years between feasibility, bioequivalence study & obtaining marketing authorisation,” said Crossject’s Chief Business Officer, Tim Muller.

The ZENEO® prefilled, automatic, disposable, needle-free jet injector (Figure 2):

  • Allows three routes of administration: SC, IM, ID
  • Delivers an automatic injection in one tenth of a second
  • Has more than 400 patents granted
  • Has benefited from €60 million and 12 years dedicated to R&D
  • There have been more than 10.000 tests completed
  • Seven preclinical & seven clinical studies have been performed
  • Will have three products on the market from 2015
  • Its developer, Crossject, is headquartered in France, a spin-off from Fournier in 2001, recently listed on Euronext Exchange.

Figure 1: ZENEO ® is perfectly designed for self-injection.


Crossject’s partners are Hirtenberger and Recipharm. The industrial production lines will be built for the end of 2015, in order to be ready for marketing and sales. Thus Crossject should market ZENEO® from the moment it obtains marketing authorisations for its first products, epinephrine and methotrexate, which are expected in 2015.