Bastiaan De Leeuw is Director, Business Development, Biomaterials / Drug Delivery at Corbion. He has been active in the field of drug delivery for the last 20 years. He was Head of Business Development, Drug Delivery, at Cambridge Design Partnership until October 2020. Prior to that he led projects covering dry-powder formulation development, inhaler design and development, and autoinjector design and development, as well as the associated stages of clinical and regulatory evaluations. In addition, he led the initial clinical evaluation of urologic diagnostic tests at NovioGendix (now MDxHealth), and has worked at Focus Inhalation, Akela Pharma, Oval Medical and Bespak (now Bespak by Recipharm).

Mr De Leeuw has a degree in biopharmaceutical sciences, focusing on polymeric drug delivery systems for formulation of proteins and peptides. His research combined pharmaceutical technology and pharmacology in industry-sponsored projects.

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