Yacine Haddadi is a Senior Global Marketing Manager at BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems, responsible for developing and bringing to market a new digital traceability platform for primary containers. He has over a decade of experience in the healthcare software industry, helping hospitals and pharmaceutical companies transition from paper-based to digital solutions, including cloud-based and mobile applications.

Mr Haddadi has actively contributed to the development of multiple innovative projects leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

He joined BD in 2021 and is involved in the ISPE Community of Practice, working on the traceability of primary containers. Prior to joining BD, he worked at Guerbet, where he led the global launches of T&T solutions for contrast media (Contrast&Care®) and radiation doses (Dose&Care®).

Mr Haddadi is a pharmacist and holds a master’s degree in health marketing from UPMC Sorbonne Université (France).