HCmed Innovations

HCmed Innovations is developing portable, vibrating-mesh neubilisers, including Pulmogine, able to nebulise solutions, suspensions, biologics, and high viscosity drugs. Its devices have received regulatory approvals in various territories including Europe, Taiwan, Brazil and Indonesia.

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HCmed Innovations Co Ltd
Rm B, 10F
No 319, Dunhua S Rd
Da-an District
Taipei City

HCmed Innovations is a CDMO that provides high-quality and cost-effective vibrating mesh nebuliser technology and services to support global pharmaceutical partners in the development of drug-nebuliser combination products for inhalation therapy.

HCmed offers mature customisable mesh nebuliser platforms to enhance drug delivery. This technology enables efficient and reliable nebulisation of different types of medication, ranging from small molecule synthetics to large molecule biologics, as either solutions, suspensions, or even difficult-to-deliver high viscosity drugs. The latest platform includes the incorporation of breath actuation and connectivity features to enhance drug delivery and monitor patience adherence.

HCmed Innovations is privately held and was founded in 2014.

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