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Paragon Medical is a manufacturer of metal medical device components, including highly-engineered, precision metal components and assemblies such as springs, surgical sharps, needles, laser machined tubing, staples, titanium clips and complex assemblies.

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Paragon Medical
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Paragon Medical manufactures custom precision wire forms, metal stampings, coiled springs (or compression springs) torsion springs and product assemblies for the medical / healthcare market. Advanced medical device components include springs, surgical sharps, needles, laser-machined tubing, staples, titanium clips and complex assemblies.

The company’s >40-year track record helps deliver product reliability and performance in demanding surgical and drug delivery applications. The company is registered with the US FDA and has ISO9001 certified and ISO13485 compliant quality processes.

Paragon Medical (formerly Economy Spring & Stamping until rebranding in August 2021) is a division of MW Industries that focuses purely on the healthcare market, with the separate MW Components division covering the general non-medical industrial offering.


Ensuring Your Success through Our Passion for Service – Your Trusted Partner in Medical Device Manufacturing
In today’s challenging healthcare environment, you’re looking for a contract manufacturer to help simplify the complexities of supply chain and expedite commercialization. As your trusted partner with a shared commitment to quality, you will feel confident as we come alongside to serve as an extension of your team by delivering world class operational excellence and SIOP planning through over a century of combined expertise in high-precision manufacturing, advanced engineering, and design support.
You can count on Paragon Medical as your strategic partner in medical device manufacturing, offering an end-to-end supply chain solution from initial concept and product development, to verification and validation testing, to final production, assembly, and ongoing strategic demand planning. Discover how you can experience a consistently remarkable partnership through Paragon Medical’s differentiated and personalized solutions designed to exceed your expectations every time.
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