Sonceboz designs, develops and produces mechatronic drive systems. In the medical/pharmaceutical sector, it provides motors for drug delivery systems such a wearable injectors, dual cartridge injection and automatic reconstitution, as well as developing a proprietary wearable injector platform.

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Sonceboz SA
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T: +41 32 488 11 11
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Sonceboz designs, develops and produces mechatronic drive systems with linear or rotary movement, which use contactless electromagnetic technology. The company specialises in several markets: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and medical/pharmaceutical, as well as other industrial applications.

Its medical/pharmaceutical offering includes drive systems for wearable on-body injectors, medical devices and laboratory industrial solutions. Sonceboz is ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified.

Pharma companies looking for large volume injectors for high viscosity drugs, dual cartridge or auto-reconstitution injectors will find interesting solutions in Sonceboz’s new drug delivery device platform. Customised technology modules like motor-drives, electronics, pumps and needle insertion systems are available for medical device manufacturers.

Sonceboz is an privately owned family business. It was founded in 1936 and has more than 1000 employees.

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