Weibel CDS

Weibel CDS is a Swiss medical technology company that specialises in research and development of patch injection systems and devices for the delivery of parenteral drugs. The company offers solutions in filling, production and customisation of its device product lines.

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  SHL Medical  

Weibel CDS AG
Weibel CDS AG
Urnäscherstrasse 51
CH-9104 Waldstatt

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T: +41 71 351 73 2
E: [email protected]


Weibel CDS specialises in drug delivery systems, injection devices and novel pharmaceutical packaging systems. The medical technology company performs customer-funded research and development for products to be used in the administration of parenteral drugs in both home and clinical settings.

The company’s product portfolio includes:

  • LyCaJect, a wearable patch injector
  • SuperCapSyringe, an advanced safety syringe filled from vials
  • Reconsyringe, a variant of the SuperCapSyringe that performs fully automated reconstitution of lyophilised drugs
  • MiniBag System, a polymer primary drug container.

The company also offers filling and production services for its products.

Weibel CDS was acquired by SHL Group in March 2020. It was founded in 2010 in Waldstatt, Switzerland,  and has a technology centre in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

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