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SHL Medical designs, develops, and manufactures advanced drug delivery devices such as autoinjectors, pen injectors, inhalers and wearable drug delivery systems, and provides final assembly, labelling, and packaging services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe.

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  Weibel CDS  

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SHL Medical is a solutions provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems such as autoinjectors, pen injectors, inhalers and wearable drug delivery systems. SHL offers final assembly, labelling, and packaging solutions for drug delivery devices, and provides contract manufacturing and engineering services for the production of complex medtech and industrial products.

SHL has locations in Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, and the US. Significant investments in R&D have enhanced its broad pipeline of next-generation drug delivery systems that support ongoing innovations in drug development and digital healthcare. This includes advanced reusable and disposable injectors that can accommodate high-volume and high-viscosity formulations and can be enhanced through digital implementations.

SHL is best known for its portfolio of autoinjectors and technologies for self-injection, including the Molly® family of autoinjectors, the Rotaject® technology for high-volume and high-viscosity formulations, and the Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®), a unique safety solution for cartridge-based autoinjectors.

In March 2020, SHL acquired Swiss patch injector and parenteral injection medical technology company Weibel CDS.

SHL Medical is privately owned. It was founded in 1989 and now employs more than 5,000 people globally. SHL works with the majority of the world’s top 25 largest pharma companies.

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