Kindeva Drug Delivery

Kindeva Drug Delivery, formerly 3M’s drug delivery business, is a CDMO offering integrated, end-to-end formulation, product development, scale-up manufacturing and commercial manufacturing services, with an innovation offering spanning inhalation, transdermal delivery, and microneedles.

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Kindeva Drug Delivery is a CDMO offering its partners integrated, end-to-end capabilities spanning formulation, product development, scale-up manufacturing and commercial manufacturing.

Its full-service innovation offering covers:

  • Inhalation (pMDIs, DPIs, connectivity, nasal delivery)
  • Transdermal delivery (drug-in-adhesive systems, membrane systems, reservoir systems, gel patches)
  • Intradermal delivery (microneedles based on solid and hollow microstructures)

Kindeva Drug Delivery has locations in the US and the UK and employs 900 people. It was formed in 2020 when 3M’s Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) business was acquired by Altaris Capital Partners for $650 million, and renamed Kindeva. 3M retains a 17% minority holding and Kindeva benefits from its 3M heritage comprising >50 years’ pharmaceutical development, commercialisation and contract manufacturing services experience across inhalation, nasal, transdermal and microneedles.

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