Recipharm is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation. Recipharm offers manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms, production of clinical trial material and APIs, and pharmaceutical product development.

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Recipharm is a large CDMO offering a range of services for solid, liquid, semi-solid, inhalable, injectable and ophthalmic dosage forms, via four business segments:

  1. Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, which develops and manufactures inhalation products and devices including integrated drug solutions, medical check valves and injection devices
  2. Sterile Manufacturing, which manufactures sterile products (including using lyophilisation and blow-fill-seal (BFS) technologies)
  3. Solid and Other Manufacturing, which manufactures non-sterile products, including tablets, capsules, semi-solids, liquids and powders but excluding inhalation products
  4. Development & Licensing, which provides pharmaceutical development services, and manages Recipharm’s patents, technologies, and drug product rights, as well as the development and manufacturing of drug substance (APIs).

In February 2020, Recipharm acquired Consort Medical (UK), including the Bespak division, making Recipharm one of world’s the largest CDMOs by revenue, with 30 facilities in 10 countries. Bespak was initially branded Bespak by Recipharm after the acquisition, subsequently being absobed into Recipharm’s Advanced Drug Delivery Systems business area.

Bespak was founded in 1959, as a supplier of valves for the cosmetics and consumer markets. By 2020 it has become a major supplier of pulmonary and nasal drug delivery devices, valves and actuators, injectable devices and medical check valves into major European and US markets. At that time, the company moulded around 2.6 billion components annually, which were assembled into approximately 550 million devices.

Recipharm  was founded in 1995 as Recip, and became Recipharm in 2001. It has been privately owned by Swedish private equity firm EQT IX since March 2021, when it delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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