Susana Ecenarro is Vice-President of R&D and Regulatory Affairs for Qualicaps EMEA and South Asia. She holds an MBA, Green Belt Six Sigma certification and a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Her professional career started in the German pharma company Schering AG where, for almost 20 years, she led different quality teams with several responsibilities, including validations and technology transfers, US FDA audits, GMPs, analytical development, operational excellence projects, etc.

Before joining Qualicaps, Ms Ecenarro was responsible for the Analytical Development R&D unit at the Bayer Healthcare facility in Spain for five years. The R&D department established within the Qualicaps EMEA company enforces innovative new capsule product launches through new product development, industrial scaling up and a customer added-value services centre. The aim is to strengthen the customer-specific Rx and Gx capsule projects with the company’s capabilities for the customisation of the capsules and with yearly academia/third-party collaborations linked to important, valuable scientific content generation.

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