Qualicaps manufactures empty two-piece hard capsules for solid oral dosage forms and for use in dry powder inhalers, as well as a broad line of pharmaceutical processing equipment. The company’s primary portfolio includes gelatin capsules, hypromellose capsules and DPI capsules.

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Qualicaps, the world’s third-largest producer of hard capsules for oral dosage solutions, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation (MCHC), a chemical, industrial and healthcare company, through its Life Sciences Institute, which operates as an umbrella over MCHC’s healthcare business. Qualicaps is a provider of hard capsules for use in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, as well as pharmaceutical processing equipment.

In October 2023, Qualicaps was acquired by Roquette, one of the world’s largest plant-based ingredients companies.

Qualicaps’ primary pharmaceutical product is hard two-piece capsules. The company’s portfolio includes capsules for both oral dosing and dry powder inhalers (DPIs). Qualicaps’ capsules include:

  • Quali-G™ gelatin capsules
  • Quali-V® hypromellose capsules
  • Quali-V®-I hypromellose capsules for DPIs
  • Quali-V® Extra Dry cellulose capsule for moisture-sensitive drugs.

The company supports its capsule offering with industrial processing equipment for processes such as filling and sealing, check weighing, inspection and tablet imprinting. The industrial equipment is designed to be suitable for integrated production lines.

Qualicaps originated as an Eli Lilly hard capsule manufacturing plant in Indianapolis (IN, US) in 1897. In 1984 the division was renamed to Qualicaps, subsequently going through a series of acquisitions up to its acquisition by MCHC in 2013. The company has production centres in the US, Spain, Romania, Japan, Canada and Brazil (via acquisition of Genix Farmaceutica).

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