Phillips-Medisize provides innovation, development and manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device industries, specialising in integrating design, moulding, electronics, and automation, into manufacturing solutions.

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Phillips-Medisize Corporation
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Phillips-Medisize is a provider of outsource design, development and technology-driven manufacturing, with a primary focus in the medical device and diagnostics, drug delivery, primary pharmaceutical packaging, and commercial markets. 85% of the company’s total revenue coming from drug delivery, medical device and diagnostic products, such as:

  • Disposable insulin pens
  • Glucose meters
  • Speciality inhalation drug delivery devices
  • Single-use surgical devices
  • Consumable diagnostic components.

Phillips-Medisize operates on a partnering business model, and works with pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, consumable diagnostic and medical device companies with the purpose of increasing speed-to-market. The company provides in-house expertise and specialist facilities in order to achieve this, including the use of its Technology Accelerators. In drug delivery, Phillips-Medisize works with delivery devices and combination products, in some cases operating as the legal manufacturer. Phillips-Medisize was the first company to deliver an FDA approved connected health system to the market. The company has Class 7 and Class 8 certified cleanrooms and complies with all relevant standards and guidelines.

Phillips-Medisize Corporation is headquartered in Hudson, WI, US, and employs over 5,400 people in 17 production locations throughout the US, Europe, Mexico and China. The company also operates a global design network with hubs in Hudson (WI, US) and Struer (Denmark) supported by a global network in North America, Europe and China. Phillips-Medisize was formed by the merger of US-based Phillips Plastics and European-based Medisize in 2011. In 2016, Phillips-Medisize acquired Medicom Innovation Partner (UK) and Injectronics (US) to expand its capabilities, and was subsequently acquired by Molex, an affliliate of Koch Industries, later that year.

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